DIY Wedding Boutonnières

Guess what… We got engaged! Which means tons of wedding planning and budgeting. It should be a fun and exciting experience, right? Then why does it sometimes feel so overwhelming? As a hairstylist, I’ve worked with many brides and what the majority of these brides have described as the most stressful part of their wedding planning journey wasn’t actually the massive amount of decision making like I had assumed (seriously, it goes all the way down to the type of forks you want), it was the budgeting and figuring out where to prioritize their spending.

Now, I have never in my life panned a wedding nor helped anyone else plan their wedding so I was grossly uneducated in this department of life. Of course you can have an absolutely gorgeous and perfect day no matter your budget, but oh boy, the overall cost I assumed for what is now considered an average amount of guests was way below the reality of it. That’s when the stress kicked in. “How can we save money?”.. “Do we really need to spend this much on this part of the wedding?”.. “What can we do now that will make things easier and less stressful as our big day gets closer?” Those were all questions I asked myself (and probably stressed my fiancé out with – sorry..) then I realized there are actually quite a few ways that can help if you’re willing to give it a try!

I am by no means an expert at saving money (even though I wish I could say I am) but we noticed that one of the larger expenses we came across was the overall cost of floral arrangements. Of course every couple has their own style and idea of what they’d like their wedding to look like, but my fiancé and I decided to not have a large amount of flowers at ours so I figured, why not make our own bouquets and boutonnieres? No harm in trying! Once I came up with a game plan, and after a little trial and error to get the best results I could, this is the process I ended up with:

Materials from Hobby Lobby & Michaels

We’re having an October wedding so we decided to incorporate the fall colors into the overall design. After searching through all of the craft stores near me, I found some very realistic and beautiful pieces!

Materials from Hobby Lobby & Michaels

Try out different arrangements, sizes and patterns to see which is the most appealing to you. Once you narrow down your favorite look, wrap it with a small rubber binder. Keeping everything secure and steady will make the rest of this process a whole lot easier…trust me.

Materials from Hobby Lobby & Michaels

The rubber binder is also there to keep the safety pin in place. Make sure when attaching the safety pin that you don’t accidentally poke the binder or it’ll snap!

Studio His & Hers Twine from Hobby Lobby

Now this is the best part because this is where everything really comes together.. plus it means you’re almost done. I decided to go with twine to wrap our boutonnieres but you can get as creative with it as you’d like! Whether it be ribbon, lace, ect. take your material of choice and wrap it around the stems. How far down should you wrap them? Well, that’s completely up to you! I ended up keeping the base about the same length as the floral arrangement. Be sure to use tension and wrap the stems nice and tight! You don’t want anything to shift or slip out. Remember to double knot and also make sure its on the back side of the boutonniere unless your design incorporates the knot somehow. When tying off the remainder of the twine, I found that by also creating a knot through the loop of the safety pin it seemed to feel a little bit sturdier. However, it’s not necessary so if your material of choice won’t fit through the loop, don’t worry about it! That pin isn’t going anywhere.

Materials from Hobby Lobby & Michaels

Since we’re making these so far in advance, I did leave a little bit of twine at the end just so the knot can be tightened later on if need be. Otherwise go ahead and cut off any ends you don’t want to see from the front. Once you’ve done that then…

…Ta Da! You have your boutonnieres! That’s one more thing you can cross off of your wedding to do list! Let me tell ya, getting this done ahead of time has definitely saved me some stress. It’s also a super fun, budget-friendly project that can be done in just one day.

What do you think of this cute DIY project? Would you make your own boutonnieres or stick with real flowers? More DIY wedding projects coming soon!

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